31 Days of Words 2019

Thank you for joining me on this annual October word journey. This year I am joining the Five Minute Friday community for #31days2019

During the month of October I will write for at least five minutes on the one word of the day. These words have been supplied by Kate Motaung.

You’re invited to simply read along by clicking on the links below.

You might notice that the current day and word does not have a corresponding link available. No worries! While I am spending time writing every day through October I have decided not to post everyday.

This is a purposeful choice in an effort to keep you coming back to read rather than have you unsubscribe because of a daily email. =)

It’s my sincere hope that you will add to the conversation by leaving a comment regarding the words God is speaking to your heart. And then please share my posts with friends.

You’re invited, so come on. Let’s get started!

Day 17 ~ Consistent

Day 16 ~ Avoid

Day 15 ~ Open, Reach, Do It Scared

Day 14 ~ Voice

Day 13 ~ Open, Reach, Do It Scared

Day 12 ~ First

Day 11 ~ Grounded Deep

Day 10 ~ Do it Scared!

Day 9 ~ What Makes You Want to Join?

Days 7 & 8 ~ None the Same; Gathered As One

Day 6 ~ Does He Notice Me?

Day 5 ~ No Other

Day 4 ~ Listening Up Close and Personal

Day 3 ~ Problem? No Problem!

Day 2 ~ Community is a Gift

Day 1 ~ Why Doesn’t He?

Thanks for joining me for this super fun and challenging October writing experience. You encourage me to keep writing!