What happened 30 years ago today?

So, as the weekend approached in the middle of the month, there was a usual Friday night date night planned.  Co-workers wondered and giggled with delight.  This had to be IT!  He was taking her to the Bubble Room in Orlando.  This was THE place where engagements happened in 1987.  The ring would be in the Bubble Room cake brought out at the end of the meal.  And he would be on his knee while she tried to figure out how to wear a diamond covered in cake and icing??? … More What happened 30 years ago today?

Saturday Share: Brad Milford – Dry Bones Come Alive

As you read Brad’s story you’ll grasp the depth of meaning this picture holds.  Even when his daddy-hands were empty and he had no human way of thinking he would get to {hold} his son like this, he prayed and begged God and he chose forgiveness and asked others to pray for him and asked Elias’ mom to relent.  He didn’t give up.

When all was dark and empty Brad was {hold}ing onto what he knew was true.  Love is right and God is good.  Period. … More Saturday Share: Brad Milford – Dry Bones Come Alive

Saturday Share: Daily Bread with Jordan Headlee

So why does daily bread hit home you might think?  It wasn’t because the grocery shelves were empty.  It wasn’t because of price gouging what was left.  Driving US 41 most of the way – back country roads, singing with the radio, windows down, with my 4 favorite people in our tiny Ford Escape; it was stress-free and kind of fun.  Realizing if I had to start again with just my children and my wife we’d be ok.  They are my daily bread.  A house, stuff, toys, everything left behind could be done without or replaced. … More Saturday Share: Daily Bread with Jordan Headlee

FMF: {support}

With his degree, he became a construction manager with Habitat for Humanity for a number of years before he retired.  He certainly helped to support families with affordable housing, but through Habitat, there was more support offered than just providing a roof over people’s heads. … More FMF: {support}